Do you enjoy making things? Try this craft activity.

Do you love music? Find some instructions for making your own musical instruments.

You can find instructions for four musical instruments:

  • a flute
  • a shaker
  • a drum
  • a guitar
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I love music and this craft is so cool !!!!!!!

It's so cool! I really love Music. I tried the guitar. But actually my favourite music instrument is violin. I am going to make all of those instruments and make my own band.

I like music very much, but I can't make it. Now I can make it.

Stupid,all stupid >:(
I CAN'T use the stuffs

Hi LordRed7000,

Sorry you can't get the things you need to make the instruments. You could try these crafts instead, which only need to be printed.


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

nice creation

I like the flute its realy funto pla it funey when it anois my mummy

I will make the drum

It is excellent!

I can make all of them.I invite my classmates to my condo and we make and play all the musical instruments together.I played my piano too.It was really fun!